American Bobtail Kittens
Last updated on 7/06/02

     Here are Moonbear's kittens that were born on May 4th, 2002. They are just now getting to that playfull stage and soon will be wanting to explore the whole house! You'll note that two of these have long tails. That's not uncommon, but of course they are not eligible to compete in the show ring. Nevertheless, they have the same personality and make fantastic pets, just like their short-tailed brothers and sisters.
The little white kitten is not one of Moonbear's but a "guest" that she nursed until he could drink from a bottle. He was the only surviving member of an emergency "C-Section" birth, and being premature has had to fight every minute to stay alive. We call him "Rocky"and his theme song is "Eye of the Tiger"! (See how Rocky has grown!)

Below are Jill's kittens that were born on June 1, 2002 and Delilah's kittens that were born on June 15. Jill's kits are just getting old enough to explore a little, but they still like to stay close to momma. Give them another month, however, and they will be getting really frisky. This is Jill's last litter, as we are retiring her to a life of leasure from now on. She was the original momma at Whitetail Run and has produced some quite outstanding offspring! We expect Delilah's kittens to be awesome as well, but they are at the stage where they would just as soon play "dog pile" as wander very far. Things change rapidly though.