It seems that our cat population has virtually "exploded" this summer! Neala had six healthy kittens on June 10th, and they are at that stage where everything is fascinating and needs to be explored or conquered! What a whirlwind of activity these little guys and girls can create. Just watching them play leaves me out of breath! :^) Click here to see the first batch of pictures and here to see the most recent ones (9/3/00).

Of course, we only have three of the seven of Jill's kittens still at home, and two of them are destined for the show ring--Dante and Symeon. Kahn would be joining them except for a very minute technicality. They are growing up to be three "hunks" (if you are of the feminine feline sort) and enjoy strutting their stuff for the girls.Click here to go to their photo page.

And besides our own litter, we took on two other mothers and their kittens: "Pretty Girl", who is Hannibal's sister, has four kittens, and "Brie" (aka "Wild Diana"), has two. We have photos of some: click here for Pretty Girl's and here for Brie's.