(Page updated 5/7/05)
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        Princess Leia, the American Bobtail female, and Sorceress (aka "Snuffles"), the Pixie-bob female achieved Grand Champion status in the fall of 2002.

     Leia subsequently went on to win "Quad" Grand Champion status in the show ring and was also chosen as the International Second Best American Bobtail of the Year!

     One of our Pixie-bob males, "Spring Creek's Ridge Walker" also became a Quad Grand Champion that year and is enjoying retirement.

    We had another rising star on the Whitetail Run horizon--young "Pixel", a Pixie-bob female who was not only drop-dead gorgeous, but who had a personality to match. TICA awarded her "No. 1 International Longhair Pixie-bob Kitten of the Year in 2003!" Unfortunately, Pixel contracted a virus, possibly at a cat show, and never recovered. It was a tremendous loss and helped us decide to "retire" from the cat-breeding busines. Although it was such a joy to have so many kittens to play with, it has become too much of a financial and emotional burden to strive for the "best-of-the-best", because that was always our goal.

We are no longer breeding, so we don't have kittens available.